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A key ring with a child offering a heart in gratitude,

In a color to choose from: silver, matte golden, milky, white

Includes an engraving from a selection of existing engravings:

Thank you for education from the heart

Thank you for who you are

Thank you - a small word with a big meaning

Where there is love there is everything

The pendant is made of acrylic glass

A material that looks like real glass but is not as fragile as glass.

Comes with a silver or golden metal hanger depending on the color of the figure.


The height of the pendant (the figure of the child) is about 8 cm

To order a keychain, a child presents a heart with personal engraving (additional NIS 30)

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Presenting heart child key chain with existing engraving

₪105.00 Regular Price
₪80.00Sale Price
Color to choose
Engraving to choose from
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