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A necklace with an opening lace pendant in 21 carat 2 micron gold plating

Very high quality plating and ten times thicker than normal gold plating.

The pendant opens to an exciting engraving on gilded acrylic glass

From Ashet Hail:

"Many girls made a bravery and you came up against her"

And in the center is a personal dedication with love from all of us with a tiny heart

A perfect gift for a dear mother.

You can choose any custom engraving for this necklace.

of a dedication or quote and no word limit

(except space limit)

The diameter of the pendant is about 32 mm
70 cm long chain

Chain Type:

Smooth necklace (snake) goldfield 18 carat.

"An exciting gift for mother, a necklace with an opening lace pendant "Many girls have made a difference and you are elite on the bride

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