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Necklace with an open oval pendant, blackened silver, aged in vintage style.

The pendant opens for personal engraving and includes an additional engraving in the front part.

The engravings are made on silver acrylic glass and can be customized.

For example, an engraving of the kindergarten teacher's name in the front part of the pendant

And another empowering engraving on the inside from the words of Rabbi Shlomo Karlibach

"All a child needs is one adult to believe in him"

You can choose any custom engraving.

A personal and exciting gift, with added value.

In recognition and token of appreciation for the women of our child's education.

A long chain (over the chest) 70 cm long

Silver plated link chain.

An exciting end of the year gift necklace with a silver oval pendant opens for engraving

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