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Family sign for the door

With custom icon characters according to your characters.

Cool modern style

The price is for signage up to 5 characters to choose from

Please indicate at the time of the order, the last name and the desired composition

(mother / father / boy / girl / cat / dog)

Width about 29 cm height about 20 cm

Made of wood about 8 cm thick

Painted in shades of green - red - yellow

(other colors can be ordered)

The size of the letters changes proportionally according to the length of the surname.
Comes with double-sided adhesive for strong adhesion.
Can be ordered in additional colors.

Preparation time about 10 - 14 days
If it is an urgent order please let me know.

Thanks for reading 😊

A family icon sign for the door (starring in the show "Miller Junction" the second season :)

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