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This necklace is from my new jewelry collection "Designated Jewish Jewelry" a collection that harmoniously combines spirit with material, combining verses with an empowering and developing meaning, quotes and sayings inspired by Rabbi Nachman of Breslav and the Baal Shem Tov. For more examples from the collection, in the following link: In this necklace I combined part of the empowering verse "Hear Israel, God, our God, one" from the book of Deuteronomy 6, 4 Materials: 18 karat gold filled gold chain, vintage style brass pendant, acrylic glass with a silver mirror finish. Dimensions: Pendant: 32 mm Space for the picture: 25 mm Necklace length 75 cm This necklace is from my new collection of jewelry inspired by the spirituality of the Judaism, The necklaces combine sentences from the bible, and Strong quotes of Rabi Nachman from Breslev, and Haba'al Shem Tov. You can find more samples in this link: About this Item: 18k Gold filled Necklace made from brass in an vintage gold style. Powerful engraving from the Bible on Acrylic glass Dvarim chapter vav, dalet (Deuteronomy, 64) "Sh'ma Israel Hashem Eloheynoo Hashen Ehad" "Shema Israel Hashem Eloheynoo Hashen Ehad" Size: 1.8" (32mm) Fit 1" (25mm) photo 18k gold filled ball-beads necklace 30" (75cm)

Gold filled necklace with an opening pendant for a picture and an empowering engraving.

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