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Necklace with a medium lace pendant in gold plating 21 carat 2 micron

Super high quality plating, and ten times thicker than normal gold plating.

The pendant opens to 2 golden engravings on white acrylic glass.

In the photographed example:

On the other side is a quote from Psalms 12

"God will preserve your going out and your coming from now and forever"

And on the other side, an engraving of the phrase "always with you" and around it the names of the children

The engraving is customizable,

You can choose any dedication or quote without limit (except for space limit)

A personal and exciting piece of jewelry,
A wonderful way to cherish gratitude and express love.

And keep the children's names close to your heart.

The diameter of the pendant is about 28 mm
70 cm long chain

Chain Type:

A delicate disc (balls) coated in 14 carat gold.

Medium open lace pendant necklace - 2 micron gold plated

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