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A necklace with an inlaid pendant with an empowering engraving from the words of Rabbi Shlomo Karlibach

"All a child needs is one adult to believe in him"

14 carat flash gold plated pendant, inlay of rhinestones, semi-transparent brown acrylic glass, golden engraving.

A personal and exciting gift, with added value.

In recognition and token of appreciation for the women of our child's education.

Any other custom engraving can also be engraved.

The diameter of the pendant is 32 mm

A long chain of your choice (over the chest) 70 cm long

or a short necklace on the neck 45 cm long

Goodfield 18K Smooth (Snake)

Please indicate the size of the chain when ordering

Necklace with inlaid pendant and personal engraving on semi-transparent brown acrylic glass

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