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Necklace with open lace pendant in old fashioned vintage style gold

The pendant opens to 2 golden engravings on white acrylic glass.

With the addition of a golden heart with an engraving of the word "thank you" and name

And on the other side, an empowering engraving of Anna Montessori's words

"Follow The Child"

You can choose any custom engraving.

A personal gift with added value that will not leave a single eye dry.

A long chain of your choice (over the chest) 70 cm long

14 carat gold plating in a fine disc style.

Custom Made Lacy Locket

Made from brass in an antique design.

Opens to a personal engraving with a Golden Heart and the word "Thank You" in Hebrew

On the Other side An inspirational sentence from the words of Anna Montesori "Follow The Child"

Engraved in gold on a white acrylic glass.

You can choose any engraving you like.

Necklace Length Long: (30") - 70cm

14K Gold plated over Brass

A necklace with a lace pendant that opens for an empowering engraving Personalized Lacy Locket

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